Names Aren’t A Game

Many people inhabit the earth. I really enjoy getting to know each one. Some are more of a nuisance than others but we’re still all human. I like knowing names, that way I can make a stranger an acquaintance. We each have a title that we answer to, that makes us unique and makes relationships more personal. I mean almost everyone responds to “Hey, You!” so if I shouted that in the mall I’d have 10 people staring at me, and chances are none of them are the person I wanted to talk to. I’d rather be able to say “Hey Lilly, how were the EOG’s?” or “How was the game, Dillon?” or “Hey Jesse! Missed you in class the other day!” Again those would be much more personal than “Hey, You! Yeah, the blonde! No the other blonde in the red! The girl blonde in the red romper! Yeah, you! Oh wait, that’s a dude… Nevermind!” That is way more complicated than necessary and slightly disrespectful.

When trying to make a connection with someone, whether it be for business, romance, or evangelism, knowing and calling them by name (with the correct prefix when necessary) could make all the difference. It shows you care enough about their existence to remember their name.

God called us to salvation by name so he leads by example. He also knows us better than anyone else. Likewise, we need to pay more attention to the people around us and call them by name and get to know them for who they are. Not every introduction will turn into a long-lasting friendship but at least that person knows you and can’t say no one cares who they are.

Names are more important than the obvious reveals.

Blessed VS Stressed


I know it’s been a while but hi I’m alive! Life has really been hectic since a few weeks before school ended.

Oh yeah! I graduated from High School! Yay half my life is over and I have no clue what to do with the rest of the year. Or actually I do know what to do and that what is actually whats and to be honest I’m overwhelmed. I have to prepare for the SAT, swim at a lifeguard orientation, consult a friend about being her new employee, go on a college campus tour, help a friend with a music competition, plan a graduation party, earn money for college, clep a math course, and go on a field trip. And on top of all this I have to keep being an awesome oldest daughter, a great friend, and a ‘ make everyone else jealous’ girlfriend. Oh who am I kidding; that’s the easiest part of my schedule!

So as I’m making a list of complaints, I remember that a lot of people don’t have the opportunities I have and even though it’s hectic and overwhelming, I shouldn’t complain or scream at or cry about this list of stuff. I still do because I’m human, but I have to keep remembering that every time I feel stressed, it’s a sign that I’m truly blessed.

Thanks for reading!

Demonic Flying Furballs Are Trying To Start A Public Indecency Epidemic! (Miley Cyrus Is Probably Their Best Friend)

okay so i love animals. i do. but insects are a no no. like i will scream my lungs out if a moth gets in my house – oh wait! i did. it’s still in here somewhere and i don’t like it at all. moths are evil – they attack light, they eat clothes, oh and they’re annoying creatures in general because they’re EVERYWHERE! here’s an idea – my list of reasons why they are evil:

  1.  they’re everywhere
  2. they attack any source of light – a bright future is fair game too
  3. they come in a variety of sizes – the bigger they are the more damage they can cause
  4. they eat your money aka food and clothes – thus causing public indecency once they finish your fave skinny jeans and t-shirt and undies, etc… nudity is not for everyone.
  5. if you open your mouth they can fly in and choke you to death

now call me paranoid or over dramatic if you want to but i don’t do bugs.

  • moths (heck no)
  • flies (negativo)
  • mosquitoes (um heeeeccckkk no)
  • crickets (no way)
  • gnats (*cringes and gags)
  • slugs (BRING OUT THE SALT)
  • grasshoppers (no)

and then the serious NOPE squad:

  • bees (running for my life)
  • wasps (uh uh no ma’am no collard greens and ham no lemonade no chicken wings)
  • yellow jackets (black and yellow hello dead fellow)
  • hornets (nuh uh no thank you)

so yeah the only tolerable insect for me is a butterfly and i just look at those, everything else can leave, bye, adios, chao.

i hope you understand my extreme dislike and intolerance of six legged creatures.


the blogger who is now barricaded in her mom’s room until there’s physical proof of the flying lint ball’s demise.

P.S. food donations via window will be greatly appreciated.

To Eat or Not To Eat (with a recap of an elegant evening with no elephants in a room… actually wait: one invisible elephant…)

you: “tea, whatcha doin with that title tho?”

me: “read and you’ll find out!”

translation: silly title i know but seriously keep reading.

friday night i went on a really great outing with my homeschool support group and not to appear conceited or anything but i looked absolutely amazing! it was a really formal event that called protocol and we went to one of the most expensive restaurants downtown and then to an opera and ended the night at krispy kremes.

now to eat or not to eat: protocol is what my boyfriend refers to as a “boujee” event. like the food was like $37 per person. everyone knows i’m vegetarian and the main course options presented didn’t accommodate so because the meal was so expensive, for the first time in two years, i ate meat.

no i don’t crave meat now. raw (the movie about a vegetarian forced to eat meat in a school hazing going psychotic with a need for flesh) is not at all how i feel. i love being vegetarian but for health sake i may do meat solely on mondays. health reasons meaning lack of protein for me means increase of carbs which means higher risk of health issues and all that fun stuff. so yes i am still primarily vegetarian and meat mondays are still in the thought box so nothing official yet.

so the opera: “the marriage of figaro”…  okay so i’m not a theater fan… it was a great first experience but i honestly wouldn’t enjoy it a second time. the symphony was amusing. i was slightly mesmerized by the conductor and his passionate dance with the baton.

okay so i’ll end this and if you don’t comment i’ll be slightly disappointed.


PRINGLES ARE NEVER SINGLE with an exception to individualism

no i’m not gonna talk about chips… even though i really want some right now… i did a shout out to all my single people a while back remember? well now i’m not in that group anymore. my boi is pretty awesome. he’s someone i can lean on whenever, even at 4 am XD we have similar personalities but at the same time we’re completely different people which is great. each of our differences contributes to our relationships in a positive way. for example we can look at one situation with different points of view thus leading to different realizations and self betterment and success etc etc etc… so we’re #goals in summary lol

to tie this to the title (6 words that start with t in a row… hmmm… lol), you never just eat one lonely pringle. if you do you’ve either got a potato allergy, you’re one of those people, or you’ve just got self control that jackie chan would be jealous of. so therefor if you’re single you’re not a pringle cuz there’s never just one. each chip, however, is different. there’s the annoying crumbs at the bottom of the can, there’s the chip broken perfectly in half or thirds, then there’s the normal chips with dents and chips, and then there’s that one chip that seems to be the most perfect chip you’ve ever seen. they all get eaten at some point or another.

so yeah once again being single is okay. being in a relationship is okay. eating chips is okay. translate this however you want but what i want you to think about is no matter who you are or who you’re with, be yourself.

Be yourself because everyone else is taken. Be the original unique one of a kind you.

like pringles in a can, we’re all humans in the same world. embrace the quirks and scars that make you you. people will still love you for who you are, not everyone, but someone will.

ciao (i lied… i did talk about chips… lol XP)

honest little note

i looked back at my previous entries and realized something: i tried to hard to make my blog appear more structured than my life is. i need to be more true to myself to be honest. so i’m going to post when i want to and what i feel you need to know. so yeah honesty’s the best policy right? 🙂


i apologize for being inactive for this long… i may have forgotten i have a blog… oops XP

i shall not but i do

i had a minor epiphany about my faith. many new Christians may ask why it’s hard to follow Jesus. i’ve been a Christian for around 11 years and i ask myself this. but here’s what i found:

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want” Psalms 23:1

first of all is the Lord your Shepherd? that is an important question. if he’s not, i’m writing something specifically for that reason: I want Jesus to be your Shepherd.

the verse says the Lord is MY Shepherd. that is such a beautiful sentence. Jesus is MINE. he died on the cross for ME. he rose again for ME. say that to yourself a few times. he is MY Shepherd who leads me in the way that i’m supposed to go. when i say that i can almost hear Jesus whisper back “you are mine. my child. my little lamb”. but here’s the terrible part:

the second part is an explanation and a fact. because Adam and Eve sinned, the world was doomed and every child born since then wasn’t born loving the Lord. in fact we were born not wanting Jesus. we had to find out for ourselves how to want,  love, and serve Jesus.

when i accepted Christ, i was so happy. i could say i had a forever friend that would never leave me. i love that. i’m never alone. now i’ll admit it; sometimes, like a best friend, Jesus irritates me. like i’ll want to do something that i know i shouldn’t do and Jesus will nag at me in the back of my head.

Jesus: “whatcha doin?”

me: “nothin’.”

Jesus: “doesn’t look like nothin’.”

me: “…”

Jesus: “are you really about to do that? your momma said no.”

me: “… it’s a free country…”

Jesus: “not really…”

me: “i live in a democracy…”

Jesus: “1) you’re not 18. 2) you still live with your momma. 3) stop making excuses. sin is unjustifiable.”

me: “you’re killing my vibe.”

Jesus: “i’m supposed to be your vibe.”

me: “…”

Jesus: “… so what are you doing?”

me: “imma go do the dishes or laundry or something productive…”

Jesus: “good answer.”

now Jesus doesn’t talk to me in sentences but the Holy Spirit encourages or convicts my conscience.

so in my next post i will introduce you to the Lord i shall not want but i do

September summary 2016

so each month i learn something; whether it be about life or about myself or about God, i always go into the next 3o/31 days of life with something new in the experience file.

in this wonderful month of September, i realize that life gets a lot more complicated when you add more stuff to it. i’m not a materialistic person but i do take advantage of having material things.

my room looks like a tornado sucked everything up and spat it back out. i don’t wear half the stuff in there but still i feel some sort of emotional attachment to all of it. to make things worse, i share a room with my little sister and she has a lot of stuff too. it just complicates things that she is almost the same size as me. it’s really bad though because i’m 8 years older…

the same thing applies to people to be honest. i keep the people i love close to me and to be honest, i feel like i’m more likely to shut people out now rather than last year. especially when two friends date and then break up or they get into an argument and stop talking to each other. i still insist on being friends with both of them but sometimes it might be difficult while i also try not to offend the one or the other by bringing up a  hangout or conversation that involves the other person.

anyway that’s my two cents for dear Septembre (a little spanish for ya lol)!