You know how you walk into a new environment and mingle in a crowd of new people and you see things you’ve never seen before? That’s me right now. Six months ago, I hadn’t even heard of blogging and here I am. Hi world of blogging and bloggers! Nice to virtually meet you guys! So I’m Tea. Weird right? It’s my nickname. Why be so anonymous? Because there are internet psychos in the world. Sure, not everyone is one but I’m not taking any chances. If you know who I am, hey! If you don’t, my virtual personality is the same as my physical personality so you’re getting the real me either way. Anywho I am a senior of Homeschool High School. Question number one: do I have a ton of free time? Answer number one: NO NOT AT ALL but I like to pretend I do hence blogging. Question number two: do I have a social life? Answer number two: I am legitimately the most social person you will ever meet. Question number three final question: what do I do? Answer number three final answer: I do homework, I work, I go to church, I socialize, I drink tea, I write, I do yoga, and I procrastinate. Those are the normal questions and answers I get and give when I tell people who are not familiar with homeschool that I’m homeschooled. I’m also vegetarian just for the heck of it. I mean I have a few reasons but most people are so mesmerized by bacon and burgers to understand my point of view. Anyway that’s the basics of what you should know about me.



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