okay i know i’m not an adult or a relationship counselor by any means but hear me out. i’m single and i used to resent it. in fact some times i still do. a lot of people around me are in relationships and i’ve seen how great having one person to yourself can be and i wish that for myself one day but not until God says so. i’ve also seen the bad side of relationship and the thing is; the failed relationship doesn’t just hurt the people in it. it hurts people around them too.

for some of the relationships i’ve seen, only one of the people was spiritually ready. i cannot emphasis this enough: JESUS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF ANY RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!! some of my familial relationships and friendships have been hindered or ruined because they chose to go against what they said they believed and what i know i believe. it hurts to see someone you thought was faithful become faithless overnight. God’s goal for relationships is for a man and a woman to come together in a covenant with him, not wander around into different people’s arms until you feel like you’ve found your “forever person”. it really doesn’t make sense to live that way because when you finally find the person God wants for you, 1. you might compare this person to someone in the past, 2. you will not be able to have any real “first” times with this person, 3. other people know things about you that only your spouse should know. all of these things take away the sacredness of a God-ordained relationship.

other relationships are legit #goals. i mean like they both have different walks with God but God lead them to each other and it’s beyond amazing to see couples like that. that is what i want in my future relationship to be like.

i’m a young old soul and i think it’s really sweet and beneficial for a guy to ask a girl’s father for permission to date but in my case that’s never going to happen and i know there are girls like me in the world who also have issues concerning their fathers so here’s a solution: i have a few protective (and intimidating) uncles and some hardcore guy best friends who wouldn’t mind pounding someone’s face in for me lol, and don’t get me started on the girls and my mama and brother and grandparents and aunts. so the point is they will interview a guy for me and they all have a relationship with Christ so they know what to look for. All of this is to say; i want my first date, first kiss, first love to be my only and i want to be #goals.

no relationship is perfect but God-ordained relationships are the closest to it.



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