september is my birthday month so i love it but sometimes i don’t. when i had my party, i had invited just my super close friends and a few people i wanted to introduce to Jesus. some of those close friends seemed not to care that i was the hostess and center of the party and it hurt. i don’t feel conceited at all because at their parties, all of my attention is on them. i like to try to live by the golden rule and i don’t specifically expect others to live by it but i do expect respect. i kept holding my tongue and it was hard. ugh… oh well no use crying over spilt milk.

“it’s my party; i can cry if i want to!

~ Melanie Martinez, pity party

Melanie Martinez is an amazing artist by the way.

so today, September 21, is world gratification day. i’m grateful for life. even though i have so many things i want to change, there are even more that i would never even think of changing. i’m pretty well off compared to other people in the world so i have a lot to be grateful for.

Happy World Gratification Day!!!!


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