i had a minor epiphany about my faith. many new Christians may ask why it’s hard to follow Jesus. i’ve been a Christian for around 11 years and i ask myself this. but here’s what i found:

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want” Psalms 23:1

first of all is the Lord your Shepherd? that is an important question. if he’s not, i’m writing something specifically for that reason: I want Jesus to be your Shepherd.

the verse says the Lord is MY Shepherd. that is such a beautiful sentence. Jesus is MINE. he died on the cross for ME. he rose again for ME. say that to yourself a few times. he is MY Shepherd who leads me in the way that i’m supposed to go. when i say that i can almost hear Jesus whisper back “you are mine. my child. my little lamb”. but here’s the terrible part:

the second part is an explanation and a fact. because Adam and Eve sinned, the world was doomed and every child born since then wasn’t born loving the Lord. in fact we were born not wanting Jesus. we had to find out for ourselves how to want,  love, and serve Jesus.

when i accepted Christ, i was so happy. i could say i had a forever friend that would never leave me. i love that. i’m never alone. now i’ll admit it; sometimes, like a best friend, Jesus irritates me. like i’ll want to do something that i know i shouldn’t do and Jesus will nag at me in the back of my head.

Jesus: “whatcha doin?”

me: “nothin’.”

Jesus: “doesn’t look like nothin’.”

me: “…”

Jesus: “are you really about to do that? your momma said no.”

me: “… it’s a free country…”

Jesus: “not really…”

me: “i live in a democracy…”

Jesus: “1) you’re not 18. 2) you still live with your momma. 3) stop making excuses. sin is unjustifiable.”

me: “you’re killing my vibe.”

Jesus: “i’m supposed to be your vibe.”

me: “…”

Jesus: “… so what are you doing?”

me: “imma go do the dishes or laundry or something productive…”

Jesus: “good answer.”

now Jesus doesn’t talk to me in sentences but the Holy Spirit encourages or convicts my conscience.

so in my next post i will introduce you to the Lord i shall not want but i do


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