so each month i learn something; whether it be about life or about myself or about God, i always go into the next 3o/31 days of life with something new in the experience file.

in this wonderful month of September, i realize that life gets a lot more complicated when you add more stuff to it. i’m not a materialistic person but i do take advantage of having material things.

my room looks like a tornado sucked everything up and spat it back out. i don’t wear half the stuff in there but still i feel some sort of emotional attachment to all of it. to make things worse, i share a room with my little sister and she has a lot of stuff too. it just complicates things that she is almost the same size as me. it’s really bad though because i’m 8 years older…

the same thing applies to people to be honest. i keep the people i love close to me and to be honest, i feel like i’m more likely to shut people out now rather than last year. especially when two friends date and then break up or they get into an argument and stop talking to each other. i still insist on being friends with both of them but sometimes it might be difficult while i also try not to offend the one or the other by bringing up a  hangout or conversation that involves the other person.

anyway that’s my two cents for dear Septembre (a little spanish for ya lol)!


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