no i’m not gonna talk about chips… even though i really want some right now… i did a shout out to all my single people a while back remember? well now i’m not in that group anymore. my boi is pretty awesome. he’s someone i can lean on whenever, even at 4 am XD we have similar personalities but at the same time we’re completely different people which is great. each of our differences contributes to our relationships in a positive way. for example we can look at one situation with different points of view thus leading to different realizations and self betterment and success etc etc etc… so we’re #goals in summary lol

to tie this to the title (6 words that start with t in a row… hmmm… lol), you never just eat one lonely pringle. if you do you’ve either got a potato allergy, you’re one of those people, or you’ve just got self control that jackie chan would be jealous of. so therefor if you’re single you’re not a pringle cuz there’s never just one. each chip, however, is different. there’s the annoying crumbs at the bottom of the can, there’s the chip broken perfectly in half or thirds, then there’s the normal chips with dents and chips, and then there’s that one chip that seems to be the most perfect chip you’ve ever seen. they all get eaten at some point or another.

so yeah once again being single is okay. being in a relationship is okay. eating chips is okay. translate this however you want but what i want you to think about is no matter who you are or who you’re with, be yourself.

Be yourself because everyone else is taken. Be the original unique one of a kind you.

like pringles in a can, we’re all humans in the same world. embrace the quirks and scars that make you you. people will still love you for who you are, not everyone, but someone will.

ciao (i lied… i did talk about chips… lol XP)


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