you: “tea, whatcha doin with that title tho?”

me: “read and you’ll find out!”

translation: silly title i know but seriously keep reading.

friday night i went on a really great outing with my homeschool support group and not to appear conceited or anything but i looked absolutely amazing! it was a really formal event that called protocol and we went to one of the most expensive restaurants downtown and then to an opera and ended the night at krispy kremes.

now to eat or not to eat: protocol is what my boyfriend refers to as a “boujee” event. like the food was like $37 per person. everyone knows i’m vegetarian and the main course options presented didn’t accommodate so because the meal was so expensive, for the first time in two years, i ate meat.

no i don’t crave meat now. raw (the movie about a vegetarian forced to eat meat in a school hazing going psychotic with a need for flesh) is not at all how i feel. i love being vegetarian but for health sake i may do meat solely on mondays. health reasons meaning lack of protein for me means increase of carbs which means higher risk of health issues and all that fun stuff. so yes i am still primarily vegetarian and meat mondays are still in the thought box so nothing official yet.

so the opera: “the marriage of figaro”…  okay so i’m not a theater fan… it was a great first experience but i honestly wouldn’t enjoy it a second time. the symphony was amusing. i was slightly mesmerized by the conductor and his passionate dance with the baton.

okay so i’ll end this and if you don’t comment i’ll be slightly disappointed.



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