I know it’s been a while but hi I’m alive! Life has really been hectic since a few weeks before school ended.

Oh yeah! I graduated from High School! Yay half my life is over and I have no clue what to do with the rest of the year. Or actually I do know what to do and that what is actually whats and to be honest I’m overwhelmed. I have to prepare for the SAT, swim at a lifeguard orientation, consult a friend about being her new employee, go on a college campus tour, help a friend with a music competition, plan a graduation party, earn money for college, clep a math course, and go on a field trip. And on top of all this I have to keep being an awesome oldest daughter, a great friend, and a ‘bomb.com make everyone else jealous’ girlfriend. Oh who am I kidding; that’s the easiest part of my schedule!

So as I’m making a list of complaints, I remember that a lot of people don’t have the opportunities I have and even though it’s hectic and overwhelming, I shouldn’t complain or scream at or cry about this list of stuff. I still do because I’m human, but I have to keep remembering that every time I feel stressed, it’s a sign that I’m truly blessed.

Thanks for reading!


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