Many people inhabit the earth. I really enjoy getting to know each one. Some are more of a nuisance than others but we’re still all human. I like knowing names, that way I can make a stranger an acquaintance. We each have a title that we answer to, that makes us unique and makes relationships more personal. I mean almost everyone responds to “Hey, You!” so if I shouted that in the mall I’d have 10 people staring at me, and chances are none of them are the person I wanted to talk to. I’d rather be able to say “Hey Lilly, how were the EOG’s?” or “How was the game, Dillon?” or “Hey Jesse! Missed you in class the other day!” Again those would be much more personal than “Hey, You! Yeah, the blonde! No the other blonde in the red! The girl blonde in the red romper! Yeah, you! Oh wait, that’s a dude… Nevermind!” That is way more complicated than necessary and slightly disrespectful.

When trying to make a connection with someone, whether it be for business, romance, or evangelism, knowing and calling them by name (with the correct prefix when necessary) could make all the difference. It shows you care enough about their existence to remember their name.

God called us to salvation by name so he leads by example. He also knows us better than anyone else. Likewise, we need to pay more attention to the people around us and call them by name and get to know them for who they are. Not every introduction will turn into a long-lasting friendship but at least that person knows you and can’t say no one cares who they are.

Names are more important than the obvious reveals.


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